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Stuck in a Career Transition?

Navigate your transition with confidence, clarity and ease by enrolling in Being In-Between.

What are you doing with your life?

Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about your life's direction?

Are you having an existential crisis?

Have you been forced to make significant changes due to circumstances beyond your control?


Are you wrestling with a sense of emptiness or "what's it all for?" despite your achievements?

You're in the right place.

Life transitions can be terrifying, lonely and uncertain; especially when we’re used to focusing on speed, achievements and ‘success’.


We might start to question everything, including who we are. And there's a strong temptation to try to rush the process, or resist the changes

But transitions are what transform us. They're our route to a full metamorphosis of self. And not only are they supremely powerful, but they can also be fun! (Really!)


Wouldn't it be helpful if there were guidance to demystify the path ahead, so you could move forwards into your future with clarity, confidence and ease? ...


Welcome to [Identity Crisis] Transition.
I'm your guide, Baillie Aaron.

Do you want to explore your transition conscientiously and with intention?

If yes - I can help.


If we work together, I'll support your introspective process so that you can find alignment, joy and freedom... and avoid the traps preventing you from completing your transition.


Why choose me as your guide?


I'm a serial entrepreneur and Transitions Coach, with degrees from Harvard College (psychology and economics) and an MPhil from Cambridge University. As a facilitator and coach, I am known to be provocative and direct - with kindness and playfulness. I notice patterns and alternative perspectives quickly. Whether we work together one-to-one or in a group setting, I will hold space for you, be fully present for our conversations, share my knowledge and wisdom openly, and be your champion and cheerleader.

My journey into transitions began in 2008, when I founded my first organisation to support people leaving prison to shift their identities away from 'criminal' and towards a more positive, meaningful and contributory path. For many clients, that also meant changing their work (yupp!), friends, location, and most-critically, self-concept. I continued this type of work for over a decade.


In 2020, I set up my own practice coaching entrepreneurs at two critical transition points: start-up and exit. More recently, I have been coaching mid-career leaders wanting to change their professional direction.

This work is deeply personal. Over the past five years, I went through simultaneous major life transitions: I decided to change career, although I was in a professional 'peak' and wasn't sure what I wanted to do next, and left the organisation I founded and the stability of a salary to take a leap into the unknown. I also moved out of London, a city where I'd spent nearly a third of my life, without knowing where I would go next - leading to a nomadic phase. And I faced a multi-year recovery after being hit by a car and sustaining severe injuries that required me to stop working.

Let's just say - I know what it's like to question my sense of purpose, to struggle when asked 'What do you do?' or 'Who are you?', to feel stuck, constrained or alone while seeking clarity in my future direction.

While I was in-between, I immersed myself in studying transitions: talking to people with non-traditional life paths; drawing lessons from behavioural science, psychology, philosophy, poetry, mythology, nature and my surroundings; seeking mentors who helped me make sense of my thoughts and feelings, and navigate the transition more smoothly.


I documented everything I learned - hundreds of pages of content - and spent over a year shaping it into this course, with the input of dozens of people who were going through career, relationship and health transitions.

Being In-Between is the course I wish I'd had when I was in my transition. I'm so excited to be able to offer it to you!

Read more about my professional background at or Linkedin. Subscribe to my monthly blog on Transitions here. During the evenings, I DJ (you can listen to my mixes here), teach and dance Urban Kizomba and am passionate about continuous learning. I live in Barcelona.


"Baillie inspires those around her to think differently and take action. She has a rare combination of high energy and humility."
“Baillie is a visionary who can implement. A rarity.”
"It is rare to find someone as creative, knowledgeable and professional to work with as Baillie."



Transitions Course

A comprehensive, interdisciplinary virtual course - so you can have all the wisdom quickly to navigate smoothly through your transition. Plus, you'll meet people who are going through similar experiences.


One-to-One Coaching

Personalised one-to-one coaching. You drive the content and pace, with the freedom to delve deeply into the topics that are most relevant to you. We co-agree the topics and how we work together.



Virtual and in-person workshops on the frameworks for major life transitions. You'll leave with a better understanding of the road ahead, and some practical exercises to offer further clarity, certainty and self-growth.



Career Transitions

Are you looking for a more meaningful, fulfilling career? It can be daunting to leave a stable, paid job; especially if you do not know what you want to do next. This program will help you gain clarity on a career and lifestyle that will fulfill and excite you, and provide a roadmap for how to make it a reality.


Founder Transitions

As a Founder, your departure from your organisation is one of the single most impactful events facing both you and your company.  Avoid 'founder's syndrome' and burn-out. This program will help you maintain your energy, manage your emotions and avoid overwhelm so you can leave on a high and stay there.

Chart & Stethoscope

Health Transitions

The healing journey is distinct. Alongside the physical changes, a mental, emotional and spiritual paradigm shift occurs as we accept our circumstances and treat ourselves with compassion. This program covers mental, emotional and physical health recovery.

Gear faces

Identity Transitions

During a transition, it's common to lose one's sense of 'self' along with feelings of passion and purpose. This program focuses on separation of identity from societal conditioning, labels, limiting beliefs, activities and achievements. And then how to rebuild and reconnect an aligned, authentic sense of 'you'.

Across pathways, topics we might cover together include:

  • separating what you innately desire from societal conditioning

  • exploring your relationship to money, time and control

  • staying on-purpose: identifying distractions, setting boundaries and saying no

  • resolving inner tensions and managing your inner critics, perfectionism, comparison and envy

  • maximising ideation and discovery during your creative period

  • exploring your inner wisdom and managing the darkness during solitary periods

  • reconnecting to your inner child, playfulness and fun

  • rediscovering passion and flow

  • managing setbacks feelings of stuckness

  • finding freedom and living your dream

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